New art space The Foundry launches

23 January 2021

Culture vultures, take note: It is home to a podcast room, a library, a co-working space, a café, and of course, amazing works of art

Foundry is a progressive art, cultural, and co-working space located on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai. Not only is it perfect for the vibrant and busy neighbourhood, but it is also a great addition to the art and culture scene in the city.

Here’s what you’ll find inside.

The art space will host a comprehensive programme of art exhibitions, workshops, entertainment and talks, as well as an inspiring environment for multidisciplinary activities elevating the arts and cultural scene of the UAE.

Currently, the art space has exhibitions hosting renowned artist Jeffar Khaldi, Navid Azimi Sajadi, Goncalo Mabunda by AKKA Project, Rawda Al Ketbi, Ayesha Hadhir and Sheikha Al Ketbi that features a private photography collection of Khalid Shafar.

Foundry also includes a cozy café where visitors can grab a coffee and a bite to eat. And yes, you can (carefully) wander around the entire art space with a coffee in hand as you take in all the stunning art and installations.

If you’re visiting the art space to work, the café is a nice option, but there is also a co-working space available on the upper floor. If you’re in the mood to read or get some creative thinking done, next to the co-working space there is a small corridor with reading pods.

Complete with comfortable seats, this is the perfect spot to flip the pages of a book or to get some creative thinking done. You can even climb a small ladder to reach a pod on the upper berth if you want complete seclusion.

Didn’t carry a book with you? Don’t worry, a selection of books is also available and they even have options for students.

In the main art space, visitors will even find steps leading upstairs to ‘The Room’ – which is a space that can be used to create and record podcasts. 

You can also rent the space for personal shows or even book some culture time in your calendar to check out the cool artwork they have on display.

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Source: What’s On